Prague (in and around)

I went to Prague in the Czech Republic again to see tanks and military aircraft but I accidentally stumbled across queuing yellow penguins. I am not sure what they are queuing for but my guess is that they queue because of artistic reasons (Yellow Penguins by Cracking Art next to Museum Kampa).

The tanks are still at the Military Technical Museum Lešany near Prague

Like e.g. the Merkava Mark 1

and a very special tank I forgot last time, the Pink Tank. Although the one-finger salute is missing it is a special sight.

The military aircraft are at the Air Museum Kbely.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 in different variants (P, S)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 in different variants (PF, PFM, UM)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 in different variants (BN, MF)

Northrop F-5F Tiger II

Saab 35 Draken (J 35J variant)

These two planes have no signs explaining what they are

And there are some helicopters including a Mil Mi-4, a Mil Mi-8T and a Mil Mi-24D (Hind)


Munich, Germany (pride parade 2018)

Today I visited the pride parade in Munich, Germany. All pride parades in Germany are called Christopher Street Day in memory of the Stonewall riots no matter on what date they take place.

This truck is from the IG Metall, the dominant metalworkers’ union in Germany.
The top slogan means as hard as steel against the (political) right and the one on the left bottom means we for more humanity:

This bus is the bus of Amnesty International:

and this truck next to me is from the art collective Cosmic Surprise Union:

and here are two pictures without me from the parade. An unicorn on a truck and a banner on the truck of the German pirate party. The text on the banner means be nice (everyone)!

London, United Kingdom (3rd time)

Unfortunately I had to cancel the annual June 4th vigil in Munich this year because I went to London to remember the victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Here are some pictures of the vigil in front of the PRC embassy:

My caretaker wishes to thank all the friendly people he met there.

This is me as part of Tank Men 2018 opposite and in front of the embassy:

The third protest was Occupy HKETO and demand the release of all political prisoners and Democracy for Hong Kong

Besides protesting I visited various sights.

Here I am in front of the light cruiser HMS Belfast

it is permanently moored near Tower Bridge and there are also palm trees nearby.

It is called Tower Bridge because it is next to the Tower of London.

Here you can see the ship and the bridge. Unfortunately the tower is to the left of the trees and outside the picture

I made a new friend while I was in London. He is called Paddington Bear and lives in a railway station.

Leipzig, Germany

On the weekend I was in Leipzig, Germany.

In the district Connewitz there is a painted wall that is at least a bit famous. There is some kind of competition about the line “No Cops”. It gets overpainted from time to time but mysteriously reappears. Therefore the wall was protected by police. I don’t know if it still is, when I was there I couldn’t see police but it was quite some coverage about it on twitter and on newssites (sorry only in German so no link). The “No Cops” once looked like the “No Nazis” part but right now it is not very stylish. It is inside a cage. Here I am outside the cage:

outside the cage on a bike:

and inside:

Connewitz has other painted things. This painting is on a house nearby. I don’t precisely know what it is but on Ingress and PokemonGo it is called Monster.

Leipzig not only has painted things it also has buildings that are impressive without paintings. This building is the Reichsgericht building and is the seat of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany. It is very big so only part of it fits on the picture.

Warsaw, city of angels (Miasto Aniołów)

Around Easter I went to Warsaw again.

My friend the little blue angel is still under the tree at Targowa 72 but because it was still cold she was wearing a scarf.

I discovered that she is not the only angel in Warsaw. At the eastern railway station (Warszawa Wschodnia at Kijowska 16) a small angel with a suitcase is standing at the northeastern corner of the main building.

This angel welcomes visitors of an office at Księdza Ignacego Kłopotowskiego 15

And these three angels are living at Ząbkowska 1

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I have been in Ljubljana, again.

There are at least four dragons that guard a bridge. It is called Dragon Bridge. Here is one of the dragons:

It looks like the locals like protecting and guarding. Here you can see a fountain that is protected by a stylish bobble cap from winter:

And this is the zois pyramid: