Warsaw, city of angels (Miasto Aniołów)

Around Easter I went to Warsaw again.

My friend the little blue angel is still under the tree at Targowa 72 but because it was still cold she was wearing a scarf.

I discovered that she is not the only angel in Warsaw. At the eastern railway station (Warszawa Wschodnia at Kijowska 16) a small angel with a suitcase is standing at the northeastern corner of the main building.

This angel welcomes visitors of an office at Księdza Ignacego Kłopotowskiego 15

And these three angels are living at Ząbkowska 1


Ljubljana, Slovenia

I have been in Ljubljana, again.

There are at least four dragons that guard a bridge. It is called Dragon Bridge. Here is one of the dragons:

It looks like the locals like protecting and guarding. Here you can see a fountain that is protected by a stylish bobble cap from winter:

And this is the zois pyramid:

Hong Kong, CNY of the dog

Once again I have been to Hong Kong. This time around the Chinese New Year of the dog.

Just before the New Year there are a lot of lunar new year fairs. I was at the one at Tsuen Wan. At the booth of the Spark Alliance Hong Kong I bought neat clothing for my caretaker.

And I was at the lunar new year fair in Victoria Park where I donated to the League of Social Democrats.

My friend Cheung Mo Lufsig was also there.

The stall of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China was nearby.

I think my friend the bronze Goddess of Democracy is also a member.

I went to the Pillar of Shame.

But my trip was not only shopping, donating and remembering the June 4th crackdown. I also visited old friends.

In a cafe in Prince Edward I met my old barricadbuddy Angry Totoro.

And I went to 9wu (gau wu) several times.

Here I am there on day 1173

and 1178. These persistent people are now protesting for over 3 years in Say Yeung Choi Street South.

On day 1174 Cheung Mo Lufsig was there.

I went to a protest against the disqualification of Legco candidates.

And I also was sightseeing at Instagram Pier while I was in Hong Kong.

Warsaw, shortly after xmas

Shortly after Christmas I was in Warsaw again.

I visited my friend blue angel. She still lives under a tree. Because winter in Warsaw is cold, she wore a scarf.

The city was decorated with dubious Christmas sculptures. Among those were a bear and a presentbus,

a peacock, a rocking horse with a tree and a train.

I thought I had seen all the military gear in the city last time I visited. But there is another military museum in town, the Polish Army Museum. Next to it are military aircraft, vehicles and guns.

I sat in front of a Mikoyan MiG-29,

a Sukhoi Su-22M4,

and a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF.

There are also helicopters.

A Mil Mi-2,

a Mil Mi-8T,

and a Mil Mi-24D which I think is also in some “Rambo” movies.

And here are all three with me in bigger.

There are of course also armored vehicles. Among those

a 2S1 Gvozdika,

a Centurion Mk5,

a PT-76,

a T-55AMS,

a T-55U,

and a ZSU-57-2.

Munich, Germany

After over five months I think it is about time to show some more pictures from Munich.

I was at the Christopher Street Day. It is a Gay Pride parade but in Germany these are called CSD despite the fact that they are on different days in different cities and not on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969

Munich is not only my home but also the home of more than one insurance company. Here I sit in front of the biggest colleague of Chan Kin-por. He is called Walking Man

and here I demand the release of all political prisoners

During Oktoberfest my caretaker decided I had to blend in with all those non-natives from near and far that confuse the Oktoberfest with carnival and try to disguise themselves as Bavarians and fail

This made me sad. So my caretaker lifted my spirits by buying an Umbrella Movement book by Kong Tsung-gan that matches my hoodie

I celebrated my third birthday on November 20 with Totoro and the other expat from Asia in a park

In another park I discovered a frog that was so kind to let me ride on him

At a playground I found a great means of transport. I hope my steed will bring me to Hong Kong before the earth dog arrives

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is just a 40 minutes train ride from Malmö. If you take the trip in the other direction you will notice that the Schengen Area is dead because there are border controls.

In Copenhagen you can see something you normally only meet on the internet: a troll

A bit north in Hellerup more unfriendly folks dwell because that is where the PRC embassy is located.

But there are also nice things in Copenhagen like the Little Mermaid. Please note: the bird is not part of the statue.

Malmö, Sweden

I went to Malmö in Sweden because according to google there is something called “Ikea Communications AB”, which sounded like an excellent place to complain that my relatives have disappeared from the furniture store. But there was no sign at the given address so it was sightseeing instead.

Malmö has at least one bridge, one lighthouse, one ship

and the same lighthouse in bigger with an anchor.

On its coat of arms is a griffin. Therefore there is a statue of a griffin at Gustav Adolfs torg. It looks much different than the griffin I saw in Vienna.

There are many more pieces of art around the city e.g. the Optimist Orchestra (OPTIMISTORKESTERN by Yngve Lundell)

or a Non Violence sculpture.